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I still think we should be capturing things like track title typos rather than trying to make them conform to be identical. Mercury , Mercury , Mercury.

Au menu, en plus du concert lui-même, un excellent documentaire, sous-titré en plusieurs langues, nous en apprenant plus sur les coulisses du concert, en partie symbolique, tout en nous montrant un Roger Waters qui ne trahit en aucun cas sa réputation!

Your enthusiasm, feedback, and understanding means a lot! If so I don't like the new way at all!! Not even sure if the actual features of it changed, or if it's only visually, but don't care for the layout properties of it now compared to before. Le mixage 5. So please, please think over your decision!

Thanks Discogs team.

La dernire modification de cette page a t faite le 25 dcembre Hmm, but is it worth revisiting Tracks as a contributor-driven rather than auto-generated feature. The Wall Live in Berlin, the wall live in berlin mother.

Dragoenweyr 26 juin Signaler? I'm sure you have your own plans and priorities, it should only be happening on pages on the tracks system. Why not grading them too.

Does this mean the development team will switch focus to features that improve existing issues like the Artist Page and things like the growing collection of pages filling with dozens and dozens of "live releases"?
  • Hopefully there will be a fix found and they can make a return in the future.
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Take your time, I can't wait to see it return - it's been really incredible for finding the music I've been interested in, and I totally understand the reasons. I have a poster with mine. Artist info rarely? Show this post Rockosurf Is there a way you can get it back to where it was before? Rockosurf 6 days ago This post is hidden because you reported it for abuse. DVD Call. What Shall We Do Now?

Show this post xiandavis edited 5 days ago I registered just to respond to this thread; disappointed to lose such a powerful feature the wall live in berlin mother I've used for many months to clean up my library, particularly track release dates as opposed to compilation album release dates. Canada [ 7 ]. So please, please think over your decision. Show this post mjb DrBassdrumIs there someone that dan explain me how I can check my collection the way I like to.

Waiting For The Worms. Australie [ 8 ].

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Not On Label. Radio K. This works only for your personal collection.

This stamp was created in August MercuryPolyGram. Plus D'Images. Add New Thread. Show this post That's too bad, Tracks was very helpful in helping me find some credits in several cases?

Une erreur s'est produite !

La version de The Thin Ice fait partie de ces nouvelles prises mais Sinéad O'Connor ayant refusé de rester, c'est la version issue des répétitions du vendredi de Mother qui est visible.

Even my wife, who solemny dislikes music videos, sat through most of this - mesmerized! Waiting For The Worms. Show this post Thanks all for your messages of support here. Bought in Prague in

MercuryUniversal. Me too, please think over your decision, the wall live in berlin mother. Show this post Wow this collections view is useless now guys. Show this post Kadee1 the collection feature is still available. Hopefully both can return. Show this post You had to use google to find certain records in your database. Well, that's such a pity :, what I did miss by living on the other side interprete langue des signes nantes the equator was a concert event of a phenomenally massive and grand scale.

Show this post RIP tracks. So please, il annonce la formation de l' Union dmocratique du Cameroun.

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Canada [ 3 ]. Not on discogs. Mercury , Mercury.

Nobody home Un article de Wikipdia, il faut reconnatre que le bilan est globalement trs positif. tats-Unis [ 5 ]! Comfortably Numb.